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Clear-Com CZ-WH410 Headset, BAT50 Li-Ion Batteries & AC50 Battery Charger, HME Drive Thru Intercom Kit. HDX HS 7000 (Refurbished)

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The Clear-Com WH410 is a light-weight, single-ear, all-in-one wireless headset that operates in the 2.4GHz frequency range. This headset has a lightweight, balanced design and wire-free steel headband for all day comfort and is used with DX410 wireless system.

The WH410 uses the BAT50 Li-Ion Batteries and AC50 Battery Charger.


  • Two-channel
  • 2.4GHz frequency range
  • 7 kHz wide band audio
  • Up to 15 beltpacks and/or all-in-one headsets on a single system
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life


  • Audio
    • Channels: 2 audio channels
    • Frequency Range: 2400 MHz – 2483.5 MHz
    • Frequency Response: 200 Hz – 7 kHz
    • Antenna: Internal, horizontal/vertical diversity
    • Headset Connector: 4-pin, mini-DIN
    • Microphone: Electret
    • Headset Output: 160mW into 32 Ohms
    • Communication Security: 64-bit encryption
    • System Distortion:
    • Controls: Power, Volume-Up, Volume-Down, A, B, ISO
    • Indicators: Dual-color LED (red/green)
    • Battery Requirements: 3.6V lithium-ion
    • Battery Life: Up to 12 hours
  • Antenna: Internal
  • Transmitter
    • Type: Frequency Hopping, Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
    • Transmit Power: 100mW burst
    • Modes: Momentary or Latch
    • Type: Gaussian filtered FSK, TDMA
    • Frequency Stability: 13 ppm
    • Harmonics/Spurious: Exceeds FCC and ETSI specifications
  • Receiver
    • Type: Frequency Hopping, Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
    • RF Sensitivity: < -90dBm w 10-3 BER
    • Frequency Stability: 13 ppm
    • Distortion: < 2 %
  • Environmental: 32°F to +122°F (0°C to +50°C)
  • Weight: 3.5 oz (0.10kg) including battery

















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With online and mobile ordering, Drivethrucity wants to make sure you are ready to get any customer's attention with curbside pickup, drive thru, headsets and wireless menu boards, wireless speaker / microphone post, wireless vehicle detectors and all solutions for your QSR restaurant or food truck business. Shop Our Best Selling Intercom Kit. We Have Everything You Need To Stay Up And Running At Peak Efficiency.  HME's drive-thru headsets, timers, and drive-thru management systems optimize your speed of service and improve customer experience. 

Put wireless communication right where you need it! Put our intercom systems virtually anywhere to maximize manpower efficiency, improve safety and service response times. No wires, no trenching, no construction required. Restaurant Headsets by XMOD - Wireless communication that will revolutionize the way waiters, managers and kitchen staff communicate.


XMOD Wireless, Battery-Powered Drive thru Intercom System: Essential for any business than want to implement a drive thru communication equipment for their customers.

Where can you use the XMOD Wireless drive thru Intercom System?

Accomplish more with your full-duplex system, multi-channel headset designed for single and dual lane drive-thru, curb-side ordering and in-restaurant table service, all from the same headset.!
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QSR restaurant headset intercom system from XMOD
XMOD drive-thru headsets, timers, and drive-thru management systems optimize your speed of service and improve customer experience.

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We engineered the 3M™ Drive-Thru System G5 from the ground up to meet the needs of your business. G5 Headset. 3M’s Drive-Thru accessories and components. 

Enhanced 3M speaker: Eliminating off-axis sound to create a truer voice pattern, and improved speaker cone for better audio performance
Improved microphone: Capable of capturing a range of high frequencies
Acoustic treatment kit: Thinsulate material for audio deadening
Internal loop detector: Onboard diagnostics for short or open loop conditions, button for quick and easy detector reset and adjustable sensitivity for accurate detection.

Fast Food Restaurant Drive Thru Wireless Communication Intercom System HME vs 3M Panasonic,  POS systems help you connect your drive-thru line, kitchen, and back-office ... Analog ordering—through an intercom system and employee headsets, transmitting clear, intelligible sound from the restaurant to the customer.

Wireless Intercom system for all quick-service restaurants, cafeterias, coffee houses, ice cream stores, bakery shops, and any other places where wireless drive thru communication is required.

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Intercoms a flexible, cost-effective solution for many industries.

Easily communicate with people throughout your drive thru restaurant with the best home intercom headset system. Curbside Pickup, Loading Docks

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Make drive-thru ordering easy for everyone with advanced headsets, intercom systems, POS systems and other quick service solutions. QSR Solutions | Drive-Thru Headset | CCTV Systems. Over 50 years of experience serving quick-service restaurants


Designed to be installed virtually anywhere. 

Fully HD Inbound and Outbound Channels.

Optimization of communication in QSR restaurants & drive-thru

Communication is key for the efficiency of operations in QSR restaurants.

XMOD offers the top quality communication in the noisy environment of the restaurant industry. 

Crystal Clear Communication

  • increased order accuracy and faster order taking
  • answer to the call of a customer at a drive thru lane or at a kiosk
  • Our speech recognition solution allows to save precious time in QSR restaurants
  • improved service time, less stress for staff, improved customer experience
  • optimal accuracy and speed of order 
  • innovative communication & speech recognition AI solutions for challenging environments

  • speech recognition, microphone-array, audio processing, and order processing for use in restaurants, including QSR drive-thru, retail and other industries.
  • speech recognition AI technology has been specially designed for highly demanding environments such as the Food service industry

  • beam forming
  • noise reduction
  • voice activity detection
  • acoustic echo cancellation
  • order taking is available for QSR restaurants (order taking at the counter, at the drive-thru, in waiting lines) and take-away stores.


A New Era in Restaurant Communication is Here

NEXEO | HDX takes communication beyond the drive-thru and into key areas of your restaurant, maximizing productivity and exceeding service expectations. Built for an industry evolving faster than ever before, NEXEO is the restaurant industry’s first communication platform designed to grow with your business. Enhance the drive-thru ordering experience with HDX Digital Audio, increase efficiency with group conversations, improve workflows with voice commands, and more. NEXEO is more than the next generation of drive-thru headsets, NEXEO is the total solution for communication inside and outside the restaurant.

Voice AI Ordering (VAIO) is Here NEXEO | HDX is the total solution for fully digital restaurant communication and also supports voice AI ordering. VAIO greets customers, takes orders with outstanding accuracy, and never forgets to upsell. NEXEO with VAIO provides a seamless ordering experience, keeping the queue moving quickly and guests coming back again and again. More Personable Service, Enhanced Customer Satisfaction Free employees from order taking and enhance key areas of your operation where personable, face-to-face interactions have a greater impact on customer service and satisfaction. With VAIO taking your drive-thru orders, crew members are enabled to provide better service as they process payments and hand out orders. Crew members can multi-task and support the front counter, kitchen, or anywhere around the restaurant that needs your crew’s friendly and enthusiastic nature, which no bot can ever duplicate.

Unparalleled Audio Quality Starts with HME Whether it’s a crew member or VAIO taking orders, you need crystal clear audio quality for superior order accuracy. Count on HME’s patented wideband HDX Audio, including echo cancellation and noise reduction, to deliver unmatched audio quality with every order. Consistent, Accurate, and Faster Service VAIO greets and serves every drive-thru guest with consistency and efficiency. Thanks to NEXEO’s end-to-end digital audio, the bot can “hear” your customers in HD Audio, which is key for higher order accuracy. And because VAIO greets guests as soon as they reach the order point, your team can get the order started right away, resulting in faster order fulfillment for your guests and higher transaction counts for your operation. Optimize Your Team More than a bot, VAIO is a team member that helps take your drive-thru results to the next level by empowering your crew to focus on other key duties. With VAIO on your team, drivethru operations run smoothly, helping your team succeed even when staffing is fluctuating. In an industry that is changing faster than ever before, VAIO meets your store’s evolving needs, exceeding expectations and optimizing operations. Built-in Support for Seamless Ordering To provide a seamless ordering experience, VAIO is programmed to alert a crew 





















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Clear-Com CZ-WH410 Headset, BAT50 Li-Ion Batteries & AC50 Battery Charger, HME Drive Thru Intercom Kit. HDX HS 7000 (Refurbished)

Clear-Com CZ-WH410 Headset, BAT50 Li-Ion Batteries & AC50 Battery Charger, HME Drive Thru Intercom Kit. HDX HS 7000 (Refurbished)