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EARTEC UL2D Ultralite Full Duplex Wireless Headset 2 Dual Ear Headsets (Refurbished)

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  • Eartec UltraLITE series headsets are revolutionary headsets that eclipse all other full duplex systems for performance and convenience because the transceiver is built right inside the ear cup. This self-contained, “All in One” design eliminates wires and belt worn radios. And, since UltraLITE do not require complicated base stations, users can remain in constant full duplex voice contact even while on the move.



  • Eartec UltraLITE Headsets for 2 Users

    The UltraLITE Series for 2 Users is available in 3 different bundle configurations:


    • 2 Singles (UL2S)
    • 1 Single/1 Double (UL2SD)
    • 2 Doubles (UL2D)


    Each bundle set includes the 2 headsets, 2 Poly-Lithium Batteries, a 2-Bay Battery Charger, a softside carrying case, and Solid Signal Cleaning Wipes. Need extra batteries, as well? Check out the battery bundles, which include the items above as well as two extra batteries:


    • 2 Singles, with 2 extra batteries
    • 2 Doubles, with 2 extra batteries


  • INCLUDES: 1 ULDM Dual-Ear Master Headset, 1 ULDR Dual-Ear Remote Headset, 2 Rechargeable Lithium Batteries, Dual Bay Multi-port Charger, Softside Case, Solid Signal Cleaning Wipes.
  • HANDS-FREE FULL DUPLEX: Wireless headsets operate on 1.9 GHz frequency to avoid interference with other devices; allows for simultaneous communication for 2 users
  • EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE: Up to 1,000 ft LOS wireless range; up to 6 hours of talk time on a single charge; pivoting microphone allows for the headsets to be worn on either left or right side.
  • GREAT CLARITY: Noise-cancelling microphone that automatically mutes when pivoted upwards; high-quality voice communication even in high-noise environments.
  • PERFECT FOR: Video production, stage production, boat operators, drone operators, construction sites and more!


Add Up to 3 More Users

Since UltraLITE headsets are field programmable, all base packages are expandable. This means that the Eartec UltraLITE 2 User Systems can have up to 3 more remote headsets added to the main headset.

Auto Mute Mic Boom

All UltraLITE headsets include EARTEC’s Auto Mute Mic boom technology. These specialty microphone assemblies feature an internal switch that automatically mutes the headset mic gain when set to the UP position.

Field Replaceable Batteries

A terrific feature of UltraLITE systems is that the Lithium Polymer batteries (included) charge externally and are field replaceable. This allows you to purchase and keep spare batteries on hand extending the run time of your system indefinitely.

Instant Communication

Standard UltraLITE intercoms provide instantaneous wireless communications for crews that need to communicate without pushing buttons. The open line talking pattern allows up to 5 people to talk simultaneously.

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PRODUCT TYPE: Drive-thru headset system


You Save: $690.00 (28%)

EARTEC UL2D Ultralite Full Duplex Wireless Headset 2 Dual Ear Headsets (Refurbished)

EARTEC UL2D Ultralite Full Duplex Wireless Headset 2 Dual Ear Headsets (Refurbished)