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3M™ Drive-Thru System G5 Base Station (REFURBISHED)

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PAR® G5 Drive-Thru Base Station with Power Supply & VDB Vehicle Detector Loop Sensor - 3M™

Smarter Sound
• Advanced Noise Reduction delivers superior sound quality for the order taker at the menu post.
• Acoustic Echo Cancellation reduces echoes for clear communication and easier comprehension of customer orders.

Built-In Greeter
• Record up to 16 messages, each up to 10 seconds long.
• Use greeter messages to promote key items.

Keep your team on task with custom alerts and reminder messages
• Easily upgrade from single lane to dual lane on-site!

Color-Coded Drive-Thru Communications
• Lights built into the microphone alert order taker to vehicles in different lanes.
• Managers can see when customers are being served by the order taker.

The 3M® Drive Thru Headset G5 is the fifth generation, wireless headset. The first headset on the market featuring in store reparability and Smart technology.

Combined with it's lightweight and comfortable design, industry known sound clarity, and the 3M® Base station Package makes the 3M® Drive thru system, Clearly the Sound Decision.

  • Sound clarity with mic array technology
  • Capacitive touch buttons
  • Indicator lights on mic boom
  • Globally accepted icons
  • Identification Tags
  • Haptics Technology
  • Accelerometer Sleep/Hibernate
  • In-store service-ability
  • Smart Battery Technology


  • Adjustable headband for a better fit
  • Headband pivot point assists with comfort
  • Haptics “feel” Technology Small vibration when touched
  • Confirms headset button engagement and car presence at order point
  • Can be turned on or off
  • Capacitive “feather” Touch Buttons
  • Eliminates need for pressure
  • Senses electrical properties of finger (senses finger pad)
  • Globally recognized icons on touch zones
  • Assists with ease of use and training
  • Built-in Accelerometer activated by motion to turn on
  • No on or off button necessary
  • Headset will go into sleep mode after 5 minutes of no motion. Saves battery life



  • 3M® G5 Base Station with built-in Message Greeter.
  • Power Supply.


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Drive-Thru Ordering Systems

Make drive-thru ordering easy for everyone with advanced headsets, intercom systems, POS systems and other quick service solutions.

The Convenience of Drive-Thru depends on Innovation

Make sure your drive-thru is running on all cylinders – reduce errors while improving efficiency with a turn key solution.

Order Accuracy can Mean Repeat Business

Improved sound quality increases order accuracy, resulting in better customer experiences leading to repeat business. Neither customers nor food serve employees will become frustrated.

Reducing Order Confusion Can Translate to Repeat Business

With a history in outstanding hi-fi technology, you can depend on us to translate that into a drive-thru solution. The Restaurant Communication system features a noise-cancelling, 457 headset and that translates into enhanced clarity and reducing order confusion.

Performance - It's All in the Numbers

Our  software counts transactions by the hour and for a multiple-store owners, reports averages can be accessed remotely so you have direct insights into how your business is performing no matter where you are. 

Attune HD Drive-Thru Communications System


Attune HD Drive-Thru Communications System NEW


Panasonic Attune HD Drive-Thru Communication System


  • High-Definition Voice – The new 7kHz Wideband Sound on TALK/PAGE Voice produces a clear and vibrant, natural human-sounding voice quality on top of our digitally-reduced noise reduction feature.  
  • Quickly Captures Subtle Sounds - Our new and improved powered speaker post microphone with active circuitry produces exceptional clarity and covers the broad spectrum of human voice. 
  • Remote Support Serviceability - Extended Browser-Based Control allows you to remotely connect to your systems – via any browser – for convenient troubleshooting, diagnostics, and setting changes. 
  • Connect to 32 Different Stores – The Regional Manager Headset allows them to proactively interact with crew members without having to enter the store. 
  • Extended Range Covers More Areas of the Restaurant – With two repeaters per system, you can cover more areas of the restaurant. 



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PRODUCT TYPE: Drive-thru headset system


You Save: $690.00 (28%)

3M™ Drive-Thru System G5  Base Station (REFURBISHED)

3M™ Drive-Thru System G5 Base Station (REFURBISHED)