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This system is ideal for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) and stores with drive-thru, but it can also be used in other businesses.
It provides an easy and efficient way to communicate with customers.
This complete intercom KIT, includes all you need for a DIY installation (Base Station, Wireless Headsets, Outdoor Speaker/Microphone, Vehicle Detector Sensor, Desktop Gooseneck Microphone/Speaker, Power supply, 100ft CAT6 Direct Burial cable and accessories).

Drive Thru Headset System - Drive Thru Intercom Kit - HME NEXEO HDX EOS, ZOOM TIMER, 3M G5, Food Truck Intercom, repair Utah

ZOOM Nitro®
Drive-Thru TimerWith All-New Video Detection

Automated Order Taking (AOT) is Here
NEXEO | HDX is the total solution for fully digital restaurant
communication and also supports Automated Order Taking.
AOT greets customers, takes orders with outstanding
accuracy, and never forgets to upsell. NEXEO with AOT
provides a seamless ordering experience, keeping the queue
moving quickly and guests coming back again and again
Intelligent & Intuitive
Control Center
Beyond a headset.
The total solution for
restaurant communication.

Sleek, Easy-to-Use Interface
Unlike other systems, the all-new NEXEO | HDX base station is installed at eye level for easy
interaction. The colorful 7-inch display makes it easy to connect headsets, change settings, and see
battery and system health information. Know the status of all the platform components by looking
at the base station display. View important system information like network connectivity, headset
status, speaker/mic status, loop health, and more. Plus, choose from multiple language settings and
enable your team to interact with NEXEO in their preferred language
NEXEO | HDX is the foundation for seamless communication in all areas of your restaurant.
See the exact charging
and health status of
all batteries.
A New Era in Crew Communication
Developed for an industry that is evolving faster than
ever before, the all-new NEXEO | HDX platform takes
communication beyond the drive-thru and into key
areas of your restaurant. NEXEO | HDX improves crew
conversations, adds a touchscreen display, introduces
voice commands, and enhances the drive-thru
ordering experience with HDX Digital Audio. It’s the
industry’s first communication platform designed to
grow with your business. NEXEO | HDX changes the
way you connect with your crew, interact with your
headsets, and serve your customers.

A Seamless Automated Ordering Experience Unlike Any Other
 drive-thru coffee stands

More Personable Service,
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Free employees from order taking and enhance key
areas of your operation where personable, face-to-face
interactions have a greater impact on customer service
and satisfaction. With AOT taking your drive-thru orders,
crew members are enabled to provide better service
as they process payments and hand out orders. Crew
members can multi-task and support the front counter,
kitchen, or anywhere around the restaurant that needs
your crew’s friendly and enthusiastic nature, which no bot
can ever duplicate.
Unparalleled Audio Quality Starts with HME
Whether it’s a crew member or AOT taking orders, you need
crystal clear audio quality for superior order accuracy. Count
on HME’s patented wideband HDX Audio, including echo
cancellation and noise reduction, to deliver unmatched
audio quality with every order.
Consistent, Accurate, and Faster Service
AOT greets and serves every drive-thru guest with
consistency and efficiency. Thanks to NEXEO’s end-to-end
digital audio, the bot can “hear” your customers in HD Audio,
which is key for higher order accuracy. And because AOT
greets guests as soon as they reach the order point, your
team can get the order started right away, resulting in faster
order fulfillment for your guests and higher transaction
counts for your operation.
Optimize Your Team
More than a bot, AOT is a team member that helps take your
drive-thru results to the next level by empowering your crew
to focus on other key duties. With AOT on your team, drive-
thru operations run smoothly, helping your team succeed
even when staffing is fluctuating. In an industry
that is changing faster than ever before, AOT meets
your store’s evolving needs, exceeding expectations and
optimizing operations.
Built-in Support for Seamless Ordering
To provide a seamless ordering experience, AOT is
programmed to alert a crew member if it needs help to
complete an order. Similarly, you can assign a crew member
to monitor and listen to the bot, making it quick and easy
for a crew member to take over the ordering process at
any point. NEXEO’s built-in AOT support helps ensure your
guests experience fast, accurate ordering and your team
enjoys some additional peace of mind.

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Complete Visibility for Greater Insights

Video detection has arrived. An easy add-on to your existing ZOOM Nitro Timer and detectors, video detection offers unmatchable timer visibility from parking lot entry to exit. Plus, the ZOOM Nitro Timer integrates with various POS systems, supports geofencing technology, and provides your choice of multiple detection options. With ZOOM Nitro you have all the information needed, in-store and in performance reports, to maximize your bottom line and gain a greater understanding of the entire customer journey.

Video Detection that Leverages Your Existing Technology

ZOOM Nitro’s video detection was specially developed to complement your existing configuration. Adding video detection to your store means seamlessly increasing your timer’s visibility to track and measure customers well before they reach the menu board, in pull-forward spaces, and curbside pickup areas. Whether it’s video detection, wired loops, wireless, or ultra-sonic, all detection methods work together to increase your timer's visibility. Regardless of your current configuration, ZOOM Nitro is the hybrid solution that delivers the unparalleled visibility and insight you need to surpass service expectations and maximize profitability.

More Than Just a Drive-Thru Timer

Go beyond the drive-thru lane and measure the entire customer experience. With all key areas of your operation now visible on the dashboard, you gain a more accurate representation of customers’ total experience time. Track customers from the moment they join the queue or park in an order pickup spot, to the moment they take off with their order in hand. A true measurement of your customers’ experience provides actionable insight for data-driven decisions that help reduce drive-offs, improve speed of service, and provide a better customer experience.

Store Ranking by Lane Total AVG TimeRank Store Goal
HME CLOUD puts your entire
enterprise at your fingertips. View
multi-restaurant CLOUD dashboards
or drill down into individual restaurants
with detailed reports.
ZOOM Nitro Data
Your Entire Operation at Your Fingertips
ZOOM Nitro Leaderboard
Outperform Others to Reach the Top

About HME Hospitality & Specialty Communications
Founded in 1971, HME was the first to introduce the wireless drive-thru headset system to the restaurant industry. Today, our solutions are paving
the way for a new era of restaurant operations and redefining the customer experience. Our patented Wideband HD Audio continues to deliver an
unmatched voice clarity for drive-thru communication. HME drive-thru optimization systems are reenergizing crews and maximizing business growth
worldwide with innovative game-based engagement. Every day, restaurants in over 140 countries fulfill more than 30 million orders using our systems.
HME offers a wide range of quality solutions for drive-thru, in-store, curbside pickup, and retail operations backed by full services and support.

Critical Insight Delivered to the Right Person at the Right Time

Integration between the ZOOM Nitro Timer and the NEXEO | HDX Crew Communication Platform makes it easier than ever to stay on top of your drive-thru performance. Alerts are sent from your ZOOM Nitro Timer to your NEXEO headset, providing actional insight to key staff when it matters most and leading to immediate action that improves performance on the spot. Enhance your team’s awareness to key events like when a customer in the drive-thru lane exceeds your specified lane total wait time, and take your operation to the next level.

Identify Drive Offs in Real Time

Video detection enables you to track and measure every customer, including those waiting beyond the menu board. If a customer leaves the queue without placing an order, a notification appears on the dashboard letting your team know they need to act quickly to fix the bottleneck and prevent other drive offs. Review performance report to identify the dayparts that experience the most drive offs, enabling your team to improve operations and maximize profitability

Actionable Insight for a More Profitable Operation

Dive into your stores’ historical data for a greater understanding of traffic flows and volume trends. Learn what’s truly happening in your drive-thru and identify improvement opportunities specific to each store, like analyzing volume trends to assist with staffing plans. With ZOOM Nitro, you’ll have the insight you need to dramatically improve your bottom line.

POS Integration Enables Data-Driven Decisions

ZOOM Nitro supports integration with multiple POS systems to provide key transactional data to further enable data-driven decisions.* You can see on the dashboard each vehicle’s POS transaction number with wait time to present the right order quickly and easily to the right car for greater order accuracy. Or choose to display the order total with wait time to better anticipate a large order and pull the car forward to serve others faster.

*POS integration and geofence availability varies by brand. Call your HME representative for details on POS and mobile integrations readily available or in plan for your organization

Add More Detection Points

It’s now more than critical than ever to have the flexibility to configure your operation to serve more guests. Display up to 16 different independent spaces on the dashboard such as mobile pickup and pull-forward. With all key areas of your operation now visible on the dashboard, guests remain top-of-mind no matter where they are located.

A Seamless Mobile Guest Experience

Easily identify a mobile order customer by the blue outline that appears around the order number on the dashboard. Integrate your geofence technology with ZOOM Nitro to enable a designated bypass lane for mobile orders, creating a frictionless drive-thru pickup experience.

*POS integration and geofence availability varies by brand. Call your HME representative for details on POS and mobile integrations readily available or in plan for your organization.

ZOOM Nitro® Leaderboard
Performance Ranking for a Motivational Boost

Outperform Others to Reach the Top

Multi-store ranking is an easy, exciting way to motivate your crew and encourage better results. Crews are motivated to outperform other stores to reach the top of the leaderboard, resulting in improved results across your organization. Rank stores based on car counts, service times, or a different metric. The ZOOM Nitro Leaderboard makes it easy to coach your team and provides new opportunities to celebrate their hard work every day.

Level the Playing Field

Group the Leaderboard your way. Make the top spot more attainable to lower performing stores by grouping them with stores with similar results. Challenge top performers by grouping them with other top-ranking stores. Keep key differentiators like drive-thru configuration and traffic volume in mind as you set up your Leaderboard groups for best results.

Customizable Leaderboards

Create and edit custom Leaderboard templates to reflect your organizational needs. Easily customize a Leaderboard templates and apply to one, multiple, or all stores on your account. Custom templates enable organizational consistency and significantly reduce setup time.

Online Training for Ongoing Success

Use your CLOUD credentials to access how-to videos, quick start guides and more. Whether you're learning the basics or are looking for tips and resources for ongoing success, you'll find everything you need at your fingertips.

Visit our online training portal at for a ZOOM Nitro
overview and to learn how to set up contests,
choose an avatar, send smack talk, and more.
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