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You Save: $690.00 (28%)

This system is ideal for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) and stores with drive-thru, but it can also be used in other businesses.
It provides an easy and efficient way to communicate with customers.
This complete intercom KIT, includes all you need for a DIY installation (Base Station, Wireless Headsets, Outdoor Speaker/Microphone, Vehicle Detector Sensor, Desktop Gooseneck Microphone/Speaker, Power supply, 100ft CAT6 Direct Burial cable and accessories).

Drive Thru Intercom Systems, Headsets for restaurants, food trucks, car wash.

Electronic Product Design and Development Company. Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Prototyping & Product Design Services For Industrial & Consumer Electronics. Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Drive Thru Electronic Equipment - drive-thru communication equipment, drive-thru systems, drive-thru timers, drive-thru intercoms, vehicle detectors, sensors. Indoor Digital Menus. XMOD, LLC Authorized Dealer. UTAH, Nationwide. Manufacturer of parking control systems, automatic gate openers sensors. Drive Thru Headset Repair. Repair Shop. Food Truck Drive Thru Intercom Systems. Drive Thru Speakers. Drive Thru communication equipment. Brands: HME, 3M, PAR, Panasonic, NEXEO HDX, G5, Sony, OMRON, TI, NXP, Microchip, NXP. DRIVETHRUCITY - XMOD TEKS.

Drive Thru Headset Systems - Intercom - QSR - Authorized Dealer XMOD UTAH. Authorized Dealer RETEKESS.




The best drive thru headset systems, wired intercom systems, vehicle detection, vehicle loop sensor, ultrasonic vehicle detectors, sonar detectors, car detectors, drive thru timers, speaker posts, accessories, repairs, service, installation. Food truck drive thru headsets system. XMOD, LLC - UTAH

HME NEXEO HDX Communication Headsets System, HME EOS, 3M XT1, PAR G5, BAT50 battery, G5 battery. 

DRIVE THRU INTERCOM SYSTEM - Wireless headset system for FOOD TRUCKS drive thru.

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